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- J. Allen

We truly believe you saved our sanity. We enjoy going out in public now.

- Ron H.

Purchased new hearing aids. Second pair from AHC. Staff is always helpful and accommodating!

- Kelli F.

Entire experience wonderful. Great Place!!

- Jim F.

Love my ‘Better’ hearing!

- Dena P.

I was pleased with the help you gave me today and every time I come.

- Robert D.

Absolutely wonderful experience. The staff are all excellent. Can’t say enough good things about the care that I received.

- Earl M.

All are so helpful and friendly. I’m blessed with good service and help.

- June D.

- B. Williams

They provide thorough detail on all things.

- Thomas C.

Very helpful. I learned about the new hearing aids I am purchasing.

- Mary E.

Very pleasant and helpful.

- Linda K.

Very understanding. Quite willing to work with me. Great personality.

- Shirley M.

Years ago I went to you and got my first hearing aid that over a 10 year plus period of time started to do me no good. I emailed you asking to see you because of my (bad) experience with (one of your competitors). I came to you and you tested me and told me I would be better off talking to the Cochlear Implant Team at Scott and White and set me up for my first appointment. Here it is 2 years later and I am pleased to update you with my decision to be implanted. My surgery was on September 29, 2011 and I am (3) months recovered and hearing like a normal person. This thing is so amazing and it has giving me back my life and self confidence. I have advanced in a very short time because my brain picked up everything at a rapid pace. Anyway, thank you so much and I appreciate your dedication in this field of work!

- Latonya M.

Thank you for the hearing aids. They work perfect. I can hear louder and it feels like my ears were opened wider. I also love the things that they came with. And sometimes I don’t know that they are in there. In school I hear my teachers louder so thank you for my hearings aids.

- Bianka K.

Very helpful and friendly.

- Joyce K.

Every one associated with the process for purchasing hearing aids were professional, and provided excellent service. I was very pleased.

- Don W.