Reasons Why You Should Say Yes to a Hearing Aid

The use of hearing aids has always been resisted by young and old alike. Sometimes, years pass before people even realize that they need them. Surveys have shown that majority of people wait for at least 7 years from the time a hearing loss is detected to the actually getting a hearing aid for themselves. Moreover, the loss of hearing sensation is a gradual process that happens over extended periods of time. Often, we do not even realize what sounds we are no longer able to fathom.

The resistance towards adding a hearing aid to enhance one’s hearing health is a result of a multitude of factors ranging from the cost and time involved to acquire them, the initial discomfort associated with its use to the denial by people of the existence of a problem in the first place. In fact, most people go for an evaluation to determine the need for a hearing aid only at the insistence of their spouse or a co-worker.

And then, there’s the stigma surrounding the use of hearing aids. Despite hearing aids being just another physical aid like the prescription glasses, they are identified with old age. Since the process of aging is synonymous with losing one’s charm and vigor, people have an obvious aversion to sporting a hearing aid. Even at the cost of several sounds and tones being shut out in some dark abyss. With the newer technologies and advanced option like in-the-ear models, this prejudice needs reevaluation.

So, if you’ve been harboring this sentiment or see a loved one or a colleague at work resisting the inclusion of a hearing aid in their life, it is time you give these compelling reasons a serious thought.

The Earlier The Better

We all know the age old saying “prevention is better than cure.” Well, in cases like these, early treatment amounts to less damage, if not prevention. So, even if you ‘think’ you do not require a hearing aid just yet, it is better to ignore such thoughts for once. Early intervention ensures timely adjustment to hearing aids. This, in turn, helps prevent the tendency of our brain to ‘forget’ the sounds that you have stopped hearing. When the hearing aids pick up these forgotten frequencies, the brain takes some time to adjust to those sounds again and process them correctly. This is because the nerve impulses for such tones have to be regenerated from scratch once the hearing aid brings them back. And if a lot of time has lapsed before this adjustment happens, the once-familiar sounds start feeling “funny.” Often, people blame it on the device and the initial awkwardness invariably leads to discontinuation and non-compliance.

Better Quality of Life

Imagine a day when you don’t have to strain your ears to ‘be in a conversation’ or without the struggles of positioning yourself strategically in order to hear well. Sounds relaxing, isn’t it? Research has shown that the use of hearing aids not only improves the quality of life but it also brings about the betterment of cognitive abilities and even makes way for harmonious relationships.

Protects Your Cognitive Health

Various studies have found the hearing loss to be associated with dementia. In such a scenario, the preservation of brain health becomes a prime reason to seek help and treatment. Although this linkage is a sad revelation considering the already prevalent hardships that are associated with hearing loss, it is reassuring to know that if the treatment of hearing loss is carried out early and aggressively, it can actually prevent the cognitive decline of the brain. Some studies have even gone further to say that early treatment of hearing loss can reverse the impairment of cognitive functions even after they have begun.

Helps You Stay Connected

As mentioned earlier, the use of hearing aids facilitates stress-free conversations with our loved ones, without having to worry about the lip movements, the hand gestures, the lighting and what not. Naturally, It doesn’t come as a surprise when most hearing aid wearers remark how much they were missing without even realizing it.

Getting a hearing aid is not such a complex process that it’s made to be. And more often than not, people regret having delayed making this choice. You don’t want to be one among them, do you? Take that first step and leave the rest to us. Call 254-774-7727 today!

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