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The first thing people notice when they walk into the American Hearing Center is that it’s so much more cozy and comfortable than a typical doctor’s office; it’s like a friend’s living room. Not only does our whole team treat you like family, we truly listen to your concerns so we can get you the best hearing solution for you—as quickly as possible.

And that’s another thing that sets us apart: every health care providere working here is fully-trained and experienced in hearing aid fittings so that you do not have to wait long at all to start enjoying the sounds around you again. Instead of having to wait just to see the primary audiologist for your fitting, any doctor or specialist in the office is completely qualified to help you, which makes getting the right hearing aids much faster and simpler!

We also insist upon using the latest in hearing aid technology for our patients. Today’s hearing aids are smaller, lighter, more customizable and totally compatible with the latest mobile phones and tablets! So if the world around you has grown quiet—too quiet, it’s not too late to tune in again! Call us here at the American Hearing Center. We have two convenient locations for you in Temple (254-774-7727) and Killeen (254-680-3444), so call and schedule your appointment today and turn up the volume on your life!

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1618 Canyon Creek Drive Ste 140
Temple, TX 76502
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Phone: 254-774-7727

2806 S WS Young Dr Ste C
Killeen, TX 76542
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Phone: 254-680-3444 

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