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We Listen so You Can Hear

Cathy Comstock loves to help people hear what they’ve been missing and loves it when patients are able to come back and tell her stories about the things they’re hearing again:

  • We’ve had people tell us how wonderful it was to hear an entire sermon at church again for the first time in a long time.
  • Business people have thanked her for helping them hear their clients and colleagues over conference calls again, and that it’s helping them do business better because they actually understand what’s being said.
  • Grandparents come in raving about the conversations they’ve had with their grandkids recently, and how wonderful it was to finally hear and understand those sweet voices in their lives.
  • Many tell us how much they loved finally understanding everything in their favorite TV shows again, or being able to discern the radio in the car over the road noise.

In addition to vast improvements in the quality of life, getting your hearing back is a safety issue as well. Hearing is connected to things like balance and spatial awareness. Scientific reports say that even mild hearing loss can double the risk of falling down, and also increases the risk of dementia.

So what are you waiting for? Why suffer with hearing loss when we have so much modern hearing technology available to turn up the sound, clarity, balance and quality again in your life?

The American Hearing Center Hears You!

Cathy has two convenient American Hearing Centers in Temple and Killeen. They stand out from other hearing centers; instead of a cool, clinical feel, our American Hearing Centers feel like you’re walking into the living room of a good friend. She loves to chat with people about anything, and is particularly interested in mystery novels, white water rafting and pets—she used to train dogs! It’s comfortable, welcoming and relaxing here. You can talk with Cathy, and she will really listen while helping you regain your sense of hearing!

We also get you hearing again in no time with our incredibly fast and efficient audiology services. In many other centers, the only one who can help you with hearing aid fittings is the audiologist herself. But Dr. Comstock’s entire well-trained, friendly, highly-skilled audiology team is fully qualified to assist you in finding exactly the right set of hearing aids to change your life for the better—faster.

We also use the latest technology in hearing aids, many of which are also compatible with mobile devices like iPhones, iPads and other tablets. So not only are they technologically advanced, they’re kind of a trendy conversation piece as well! They are small and light, but powerful—and designed to be nearly invisible too! These aren’t your grandparent’s hearing aids, folks!

Call us at the location closest to you to schedule:

  • A complimentary, high-tech hearing screening.
  • Test drive potential hearing aids for two weeks to see how they fit your life.
  • Up to a 60-day trial period
  • Complete service and maintenance, including free batteries for the life of your hearing aids.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Cathy Comstock today and jump back into life with better hearing.